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Best Album Covers of All Time

Every cover has a story.

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After growing up with these different Santas, we’ve all decided on our favorites. Which are yours?

Digital Marketing in Uncertain Times

Business owners need to take advantage of this time to develop a digital marketing strategy that allows them to not only survive but to thrive in the COVID-19 world.

How Business Owners Can Stay Connected to Customers During the Pandemic

Some reasons why and tips on how best to help your business and your customers get through this time together.

Grow Your Business and Strengthen Your Brand With Search and Review Sites

While many small businesses have had to temporarily close their doors due to COVID-19, now is a great time for business owners to take a look at their online business listings, fix inaccuracies, and optimize them to grow their business.

20 Things Small Business Owners Should Do In 2020

What should you be doing in 2020 to stay competitive and grow your business?

Logo Evolution and Redesign

From 2006 to 2019, the evolution of the Erin Sweeney Design logo.

Color Theory and Your Living Space

The principles behind color theory plays a large role in branding and design. These same principles can be used to enhance your living space as well.

20 Greatest Logos in Sports

What makes a sports logo “great”? Design. Symbolism. Color. History. Meaning. Emotion. Take a look and see if any of your favorites made the list.

Embracing Change to Grow Your Business

“The only thing constant is change” The ability to embrace change is key to business growth.

The Mighty Mompreneurs

What’s it take to become a Mighty Mompreneur? I surveyed 24 women to find out.

10 Easy Ways to Help Save the Planet

You don’t need a lot of free time to make a significant impact on the world around you. There are quick and easy things you can do to help our environment. Here are ten simple ideas even the busiest woman can practice to help the planet.

Mad Marketing Skills and Drills for Small Business Owners

The game of basketball is a perfect metaphor for the game of marketing.

Logo Love Series 1 and 2

Logos have helped define brands throughout history. Some logos have stood out and become a part of our everyday life for as long as we can remember. This article explores some fun facts about some of the world’s most famous logos, as well as takes a look at a few of the amazing graphic designers who have brought them to life.

The 10 Best Rock Band Logos Of All Time

It’s not easy to create a logo that’s powerful enough to represent 10 of the most influential bands of all time. It’s not easy to match that level of greatness. Yet, these artists were able to do just that.

Logo Evolution

As a company grows, the need to change the company’s logo and give it a new direction, often times, will come into play. Here is a look at 5 well-known companies who’s logo changed over the years to reflect not only changes within the business, but changes in society in general. Logos are updated to stay contemporary, interesting, and to market the company in newer ways.

20 Easy Ways To Give Back To Your Community

You don’t need a lot of free time to make an impact in your community. There are quick and easy ways to make a difference. Here are twenty simple ideas even the busiest woman can practice to give back to her community.