5 Quick Tips to Growing a Facebook Following

Facebook Tells Small Business Owners to Pay Up

Power of the Boost Recent changes to Facebook’s privacy policy and overall rule system are certainly making life difficult for entrepreneurs. The company’s policies around advertising one’s business on the social network has (once again) changed. If businesses don’t pay Facebook to boost their status, business pages will not be getting their message out. Previously, a business owner […]

Life Before and After Facebook

If social networks were perfect, they would require everyone to apply for membership before opening an account. So many people seem to think opening an account on a social media network allows them to throw common courtesy out the window, or turn into obnoxious individuals who no longer can seem to keep their every mundane thought or experience […]

The New Facebook Timeline: Starting from the Top!

Facebook is making their new timeline mandatory on March 30th…just 21 days from now. What’s important as a business owner is knowing what these changes entail, and developing a game plan to make the most of the roll-over. For starters, let’s break down the top of the page since this is where your audience will […]

Facebook Posting Tips for Business Page Owners

You made the move to online marketing and activated a business page on Facebook. Now what? Outside of optimizing the page with information and making it visually interesting, what else is important? Utilizing your wall through smart posting. How do you post to encourage page fans to engage with your page, and therefore spread the […]

Using Events on Facebook for Marketing

Facebook has an incredible reach for small business when it comes to viral marketing. With approximately 1 in every 7 people in the world on Facebook, your marketing strategy needs to include fully utilizing the offerings of Facebook to market your business. One of these offerings is the ability to host an Event. To create […]