7 Common Attributes of Viral Content

Follow these 7 common practices and make your next post go viral.

#Hashtagology 101 for Business

Key hashtag strategies and how your business should be using them for strategic marketing on social sites.

10 Reasons to Support Local Business

Consumers should be shopping local for a whole list of reasons. Here are ten reasons to ditch the big box chain and stop at the mom and pop shop.

Calls in the Attic

How I accidentally became a Mompreneur

Introducing ESD Technical Support

The best way to protect your website is a proactive approach to security and maintenance.

The Psychology of Color

Color Preferences by Gender

Great infographic from KISSmetrics explaining the important role color plays when designing for different genders. Business owners need to take into consideration who their target audience is when developing the colors they will use for their brand. Men and women appreciate colors differently. Understanding those differences, and designing for the target audience in mind, will lead […]

The Color Wheel

The color wheel is the basic tool for combining colors. First created by Sir Isaac Newton in 1666, today the most common version is a wheel of 12 colors based on the RYB (red, yellow, and blue) color model. These are the Primary Colors (red, yellow, and blue). Primary Colors are colors from which all other colors are derived. The next […]

Why You Should Be Using Infographics in Your Content Marketing

Infographics are a creative representation of a message communicated in an effective manner. Graphical representations make information more clear. With the amount of information available on the internet every day, the ability to target customers with small, easy-to-understand, bits of visual information can lead to huge success. Not only do infographics succeed in relaying a message, but there […]

Celebrate with 40 Acts of Kindness

22 Resolutions for Small Business Owners in 2015

Resolution #1: Write a List of Goals for the Year If you haven’t already done so, write down your list of goals for your business for 2015. Develop a plan of action for the coming months. This may seem daunting so set a date on your calendar to get it done by (e.g., Jan. 15th) and […]

Facebook Tells Small Business Owners to Pay Up

Power of the Boost Recent changes to Facebook’s privacy policy and overall rule system are certainly making life difficult for entrepreneurs. The company’s policies around advertising one’s business on the social network has (once again) changed. If businesses don’t pay Facebook to boost their status, business pages will not be getting their message out. Previously, a business owner […]

Setting Goals for Your Business in 2015

As 2015 gets closer, we all prepare the annual list of changes we want to make in the new year. While many may focus on general ideas of healthier lifestyles and losing weight, small business owners should take this opportunity to develop a very specific list of goals. This is a chance for us to step back and take a good look […]

Time to move over to Google+

You’re already using a Facebook business page to market your business, so why consider moving to Google+? You have a limited amount of time to dedicate to social media marketing, and with over 1 billion users, you figure Facebook gives you the best opportunity for expose your brand to potential clients. Well, you’re partly right. […]

The History of Art in One Minute Lessons: Part 3

Impressionism (1865–1885) and Post-Impressionism (1885–1910) Impressionism and Post-Impressionism have been called a fight about form and function in art. Impressionism was a painting style concentrating more on color and the representation of things in the real sense. Post-Impressionist painters gave a lot of importance to the emotional aspect of human behavior, and little importance to […]