We’re all busy. One thing the pandemic has taught us, when we were forced to slow down and stay home, was just how hectic and crazy our day to day lives were. Work. Kids. School. Sports. Errands. Events. We all face demands on a daily basis that require us to be on the go. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed. But there is one thing that we can all benefit from when it comes to juggling the things that we deal with every day and that is time management skills. Tips and advice that can help us focus. These articles below share information from various sources on how best to manage your time. You don’t need to practice them all. But finding a handful of tried and true time management practices can make a world of difference. So check them out and see if any might help you to better focus on the various items on your “to do ” lists.

For those always complaining about not having enough hours in the day, what time management tip can you share that has worked for you personally?

Article by Katie Holmes

Are you usually punctual or late? Do you finish things within the time you stipulate? Do you hand in your reports/work on time? Are you able to accomplish what you want to do before deadlines? Are you a good time manager?

Article by Celestine Chua

There is certainly no shortage of advice — books and blogs, hacks and apps — all created to boost time management with a bevy of ready-to-apply tools. Yet, the frustrating reality for individuals trying to improve their time management is that tools alone won’t work. You have to develop your time management skills in three key areas: awareness, arrangement, and adaptation. The author offers evidence-based tactics to improve in all three areas.

Article by Erich C. Dierdorff