Introducing ESD Technical Support

Why is WordPress security so important?

To keep a WordPress website safe and secure, you must be vigilant about updates and security. When a website is running outdated software, it’s prone to malicious attacks. Keeping your website safe should be a regular part of your business. Frequently monitoring your website is the best way to become familiar with it and catch problems early on.

I’m afraid I’ll forget to do this. Should I enable automatic updates?

I do not recommended automatic updates. Before making any updates to a website, be sure to have a backup of the site. WordPress core updates can cause conflicts with themes and plugins. It’s important to have a backup just in case the update does not run smoothly. Also, it’s best to update outdated software one at a time so you can check how each update performs. If there is a conflict, it will be easier to spot which update is the problem.

Do I need to update my theme files too?

Absolutely. Theme updates have security and bug fixes. But proceed with caution. Theme updates can cause a drastic change to the design of the site if a lot of customizations were made during the design process. Be sure you know where the custom changes are before making a theme update so those customizations are not lost.

I don’t feel comfortable making  updates to my website. What should I do?

Maintaining a WordPress website is tedious and technical. Erin Sweeney Design now offers ESD Technical Support services.  Purchase a maintenance package (monthly, every other month, or quarterly packages available) and let ESD do the work.

What is ESD Technical Support, and why should I use this service?



Keeping all programs and plugins up to date will protect your site and reduce the ability for hackers to attack.


Peace of Mind

At ESD, I have years of experience with WordPress website maintenance. Let a professional handle your maintenance needs.


Be Proactive

Regular maintenance prevents problems, saving your business money in the long run.

WordPress Maintenance Package

Packages can be purchased monthly, every other month, or quarterly. Pricing starts at $60 (additional fee will occur if website is more than a year outdated, or for websites that require additional work due to more complicated and custom updates)

Service includes:

  • Create backup of database files
  • WordPress and plugin upgrades to latest version
  • Remove spam comments
  • Check and repair broken links
  • Complete website review

Additional services are available. These include: (contact ESD for pricing information)

  • Monitoring of website traffic, analysis, and reporting
  • Technical tweaks (e.g., design, SEO improvements, training or support)
  • Search engine configuration and set up
  • Plugin and website change recommendations

Sign up today and be on your way to website security and peace of mind!