Tip #1

Knowing who our target audience will allow us to develop posting habits created specifically to reach and engage with that audience. Knowing what makes them tick, when they are on Facebook, their demographics, and how they use the platform is useful information businesses can use to target the audience they need to and grow their fan base. To learn “How to Find Your Ideal Customer on Facebook,” read the article from Social Media Examiner at http://bit.ly/1wtExjG.

Tip #2


Speak to your target audience the way that they speak. Followers want to hear authentic communication. It helps build trust. It can be hard to find your best voice and tone. Read “How to Find Your Social Media Marketing Voice: The Best Examples, Questions and Guides” to learn how to develop your own voice and tone at http://bit.ly/1xCT5dI

Tip #3


For starters, try to not overthink your posts. If there’s a day when you don’t have anything relevant to say, don’t post anything. Consistency is great, but it’s also important that you offer high-quality over high-quantity when it comes to growing your following on social media.

Tip #4


Do you know which of your posts get the most engagement? Knowing how followers engage with your page is key to tailoring a more effective strategy. For a thorough explanation of Facebook Insights, visit the Facebook Help Center at bit.ly/2ccjnCN. Experiment with new things and see what happens!

Tip #5


Knowing what time of day to post to reach your intended audience is an important factor when trying to grow your fan base. Researchers have found the optimal times to post on Facebook is Thursdays and Fridays between 1-3 pm, as well as Mondays through Thursdays between 6-8 pm. The best way to achieve this is to schedule your post to go at that time of day. Simply click the down arrow next to “Publish” and choose “Schedule”, then set the day and time for your post to publish. You should also monitor how your followers engage and how the day and time factors in to determine what works best for your social strategy.

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