Keep It Local

When it comes to marketing your business, don’t get overwhelmed trying to focus on complicated and expensive strategies. Begin by leveraging your community. Sponsor a charity run/walk. Donate to local causes or organizations. Take advantage of opportunities for your business name to become recognizable in your community.

2 Network

Networking can be time consuming but it’s a necessity when it comes to growing your small business. Research some networking groups in your area to find ones that work for you. Face to face is still a powerful marketing tool for any small business owner. The results won’t be instantaneous, but with regular networking, they will come.

3 Ask for Referrals

Existing customers are a great resource for getting new business. Many may not take the initiative to give a referral, so be proactive and ask for them. Most of your customers will be more than willing to refer business your way when asked directly.

4 Utilize Email Marketing

Establishing a strong relationship with your customers is key to growing your business. One way to do this is to keep connected through a newsletter. Obtain email addresses from customers and potentials customers and create newsletters that offer both informative and helpful information.

5 Offer Giveaways!

A great way to show potential customers your product or service is to offer them a free tails or sample. Research shows consumers are more likely to purchase something they’ve already experienced.

Marketing strategies for your small business don’t need to be costly. In many cases, strong marketing strategies such as these cost little to no money, yet have significant success rates. Basically, it comes down to relationships. Building a strong customer base starts with trust, engagement, and community.

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