New look and more services from ESD

I know blogging shouldn’t be about boasting. But just this once….

2011 was such an incredible year of growth for Erin Sweeney Design, and the beginning of 2012 has already seen 3 brand new ESD clients! I spent the past year meeting so many new clients and developing professional contacts. I now have over 20 clients. My business is growing faster than I’d ever imagined and I am so grateful for this opportunity to be able to continue designing while also staying home with my children. I have clients based in Maryland, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, and I expect my reach to extend to other states this year. I don’t see the momentum slowing down anytime soon. The need for social media marketing strategies and a strong web presence is more important now than ever before for small business owners and that is where Erin Sweeney Design excels. I specialize in not only designing WordPress websites for my clients, but optimizing those sites for search-engines, as well as designing marketing collateral. In short, I’m a one stop shop. The more websites I complete, the more my skills improve and the better designer I become.

I believe 2012 will be my best year yet. So to celebrate I’ve developed a new look for my business, as well as added additional services for my clients. I’m working more and more on developing social media marketing strategies for clients, as well as providing general help and information when it comes to the best ways to utilize those strategies. I’m concentrating on developing strong Facebook business pages for clients since every 1 in 8 minutes on the Internet is spent on Facebook. And the service is free. How much more motivation does a small business owner need to jump on the bandwagon? But, obviously, not all pages are created equal, so to really stand out, it must be well designed. There are many social media accounts out there, so I help clients decide which will work best for their business. And as they always change, so does the service I provide to my clients. I am able to keep up with the ever changing environment and bring that knowledge back to my clients to help them build strong campaigns.

I’m excited for the year ahead and hope to continue adding services that not only develop my professional abilities but enhance the experience for my clients and potential clients as well.