First Impressions Make the Difference

It’s a lesson we learned as children. To make new friends. Make a good first impression. Going in for a job interview. Make a good first impression. Going out on a date. Make a good first impression. The first impression is what sticks. This is especially true when you begin to promote a new business. Make a good first impression. It’s what your potential target audience will remember.

First things first, if your website isn’t where you want it to be, the last thing you want to do is promote it. A potential client may visit it, see a lack of quality and immediately question your ability to provide them quality service. Good design is not an unnecessary expense. It really makes the difference. Think about some of the websites you’ve been on. If you get to the homepage and see a beautiful site, nicely designed, pleasing graphics, soothing colors, I bet you think “Wow. What a nice site. I’m sure they are just as professional as the site suggests they are. High attention to detail and quality. I want to see more.” Next, recall a site you landed on and saw errors on the site, no design, bland colors, bad imagery, bad everything. What were your thoughts of that business? High-quality? Attention to detail?

See what I mean?

Does your site say “Look at me! I provide high-quality service!” or does it say “Hey. I kinda know what I’m doing.” If it’s the latter, consider hiring a professional designer to make the first impression a memorable one, and one that will pull in business. Let your site be a window into your professionalism and talent. Stand out with a good first impression.