Many business owners invest a significant amount of time and money into the development of their website only to launch it without a plan in place for how to use it to grow their business. Did you know that you can do much more than just hope your website brings in customers? You can customize your website so it DOES bring in customers! How? You need to manage your website’s progress and find out how each page on your site is working. To do this, you need a program installed on your site that will track how people are interacting with your website. You need Google Analytics.

What is Google Analytics?

In short, Google Analytics is a powerful tool that tracks and analyzes website data. This information shows you how various marketing efforts are working so you can justify the time, effort, and money that you put in to those efforts. It is the industry standard for website analytics, and an essential part of managing and optimizing your website. And the best part? It’s free. It doesn’t cost anything to open an account with Google Analytics and install it on your website. So why aren’t more businesses using this SuperTool? Many small business owners simply don’t know what the power of analytics can do for their business. Read on to learn some of the reasons why your business should be using Google Analytics.

5 Reasons Your Website Needs Google Analytics

1: Analytics Tracks How Visitors Get to Your Website and Where They Land

Whether it was a Google search, a blog post, Facebook, or a paid ad, Analytics shows you how your visitors end up on your website.

Why does this information matter? Having this sort of information is a great way to measure how effective (or ineffective) a campaign is doing in regards to driving visitors to your website. Armed with this information, you are able to better tailor campaigns to achieve a higher success rate.

2: Analytics Highlights Where Your Website Needs Improvement

Analytics shows you how long people spend on a given page, as well as how much traffic that page receives.

Why does this information matter? If there’s a page you want more traffic to get to and see it’s not getting much, you can make changes to drive more traffic to that page.

3: Analytics Allows You to Test Different Strategies to Determine What Will Perform Best

Analytics will alert you of drops or spikes in traffic from a strategic campaign, allowing you to measure its effectiveness or ineffectiveness.

Why does this information matter? Knowing this gives you an opportunity to make adjustments as needed to improve the effectiveness of the campaign.

4: Analytics Explains Audience Behavior and Displays Trends

With Analytics, you can find out who visits your website, what they do when they are there, and when they visit.

Why does this information matter? You can use this information to determine your target audience and make effective adjustments to your website based on the behaviors of that audience.

5: Analytics Shows You the Technology Your Audience is Using

With Analytics, you can see the web browsers and operating systems that your visitors are using to get to your website, as well as the devices that they are viewing your website on.

Why does this information matter? Knowing this information will allow you to optimize your website so it’s fully functional in the browsers most often used to view your site, offering your visitors a more user-friendly experience.

Running Google Analytics on your website gives you the information that you need to develop effective marketing strategies, determine your audience, modify your website to fit the needs of that audience, and optimize your site pages to drive customers/clients to your website. The knowledge you receive from knowing how people are interacting with your website is immeasurable. Get started today by clicking the button below.

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