SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is related to how well your website is being seen on the web. It’s one thing to have a website on the World Wide Web. It’s another to have it seen. Many elements come into play when a site is optimized for search engines. Search engines (i.e., Google, Yahoo Search, etc.) look for your site by the use of keywords, meta tags and other features. To be one of the first results to pop up in a search, you need the right optimization tools and that’s where E.S.D. comes in. I’ll optimize your site for the web and get you seen, which leads to site visits and eventually more clients!!

SMO (Social Media Optimization) is the process of utilizing social media tools (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube) to increase your web presence, and thus gain more business. In today’s marketing, one of the fastest and most efficient ways to market your business is through social networking. To utilize these tools effectively, business owners must understand what they are, why they need them and how best to integrate them into existing marketing plans. E.S.D. can help your business grow by explaining the various social media tools available, ways for you to use them for your business, and develop a social networking strategy specific to your business.

Blogging is a commitment, but an excellent way to promote your business and increase your web presence. Before you embark on becoming a blogger, know that you’ll need to dedicate time to surf the web and research content for your blog. Certainly consider it. Blogging can establish you as an expert and connect you with people of similar interests, which in turn promotes your business. It’s a very useful tool to incorporate into your social networking strategy!

A general breakdown of types of social media are described below:

Social networks (such as Facebook and Twitter): Great for high exposure to large groups of people.

Professional networks (such as LinkedIn and Plaxo): Links you to other professionals and network your services.

Social bookmarks (such as Digg and StumbleUpon): Gives you a connection with followers by sharing unique content.

Forums (such as Meetup and Craigslist): Joins people together by geographical area and interest.

Business Directories (such as Yelp and CitySearch): A forum for customers to provide feedback on businesses.

Photo and Video (such as YouTube and Flickr): Viral marketing and promotion. YouTube channels can promote your message.